ePath 2.0

"Multi user digital station for macrographic examination of dissection and surgery material suitable for audio- and video recording"

Main function:

• Fixation of  photo- and video- of gross specimens on dissecting station and keeping an image archive.

• Record keeping in the context of filling 14y forms at several multi site workplaces (registrar, physician, and laboratory assistant).

• Record of voice comments.

• Transmission of the dissection process in HD format using standard protocols.


The system is intended for work with dissecting station and is mounted from the outside on the station left wall. A sensor medical monitor and a keyboard are fastened on arms to the wall. The base unit with camera and lighting devices are installed on the station cover so that the whole dissecting zone is within the range of the camera lens. Monitor, keyboard and base unit are connected to system block where computation devices and power supply units are located. Commutation is partly laid through a process unit which is fastened to the rear wall of the station. The system unit (a wheeled processing unit made of stainless steel) is located on the floor to the left of the station.

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