Equipment for autopsy rooms

  • Autopsy tables

    All autopsy tables are made of stainless steel. Each table can be equipped with the following: a table for body organs, a table for appliances, a preparation table, a head support made of stainless steel, a six-position head support made of PVC, a set of corpse holders, and a waste grinder system. Additional mixing devices can be installed on tables, if requested by users.

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  • Accessories for autopsy tables

    All accessories are multipurpose ones and can be used in combination with any models of autopsy tables. Accessories can be customized according to individual demands of clients.

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  • Autopsy instruments

    Dissecting appliances can be supplied both as complete sets and on a stand-alone basis, depending on the buyer's demands. The whole range of appliances consists of high quality surgical steel items that comply with ISO 9001:2000.

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