Tanartis cold chambers interior

We developed efficient system of internal fittings, to provide our customers
● Easy assembling/disassembling process
● Perfect stability
● Easy and reliable access
● Easy cleaning and disinfecting

Type of racks:
For 4-wheeled body trays

For 10-wheeled body trays
Stainless steel wide s-type rails for 2000x640mm body tray with 10 wheels
For sliding body trays

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Set of interior equipment for mortuary specially developed for cold rooms

Sandwich panels (same we use in chambers) made for specific room, after analyzing all specifications (corners, ledges, steps, beams e.t.c)
Fast installation
Special type of racks for cold rooms, which compatible with all Tanartis trays and trolleys
Reliable construction all made of stainless steel
Maximum storage capacity per rack: 5 bodies

Stationar rack

Mobile rack

All type of racks deliver in convenient pack (flat pack), dissembled.

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