Tanartis Company exhibition Astana Health 2014

Tanartis Company will present mortuary equipment and new solutions aimed to simplify and improve the quality of pathological morphological services at the exhibition Astana Health2014. 
Tanartis Company was founded in 2013. 
A new Russian company with a powerful resource for its own production was established after a long cooperation with France and Germany morgue equipment suppliers. Due to an extensive partner’s network, excellent market knowledge and experience, there are dozens of ready-made solutions for patho-morphological compartments equipment with the steady product portfolio expansion and a flexible approach to each customer. 

The main company’s goal – to make a quality reliable product that meet the user’s needs and cash available: 

  • Stations clippings; 
  • Equipment for Thanatopraxie; 
  • Hygiene and individual protection products; 
  • Morgue Equipment. 

Tanartis Company will present its products at the exhibition Astana Health2014 at the booth number C-19.