Tanartis took part in the international congress of pathologists "Actual issues of forensic medicine and expert practice"

The specialists of Tanartis (brand BioVitrum LLC) took part in the congress "Actual issues of forensic medicine and expert practice". The event took place on April 17-18 in Moscow Regional Research Clinical Institute of M.F. Vladimirsky.

The congress is held in Moscow annually from 2013. One of the main organizers is the Ministry of Health of the Moscow Region. The congress is the largest scientific event in Russia with international participation in the field of forensic medicine. This year, 562 people took part in the congress, including 57 specialists from foreign countries.

Within the framework of the congress, there were discussed contemporary issues of tanatology and microscopic diagnostics, examination of medical aid defects based on case materials, and forensic chemical research in expert practice. Special attention was paid to the expert and law enforcement practice of injury to health, medical and forensic identification of the person and injury instrument.  One more important topic was the specifics of the nursing staff activities of the medical and rehabilitation center bureau.

Some topics were devoted to the work organization of the forensic experts. In particular, the issues of the effective management of the state forensic institution, the continuing medical education and the scientific and methodological support of the forensic expert activity were considered.

Tanartis brand  presented its products to the guests of the event. Tanartis provides an integrated approach in equipping of pathology departments.  The in-house R&D and modern manufacture make possible to create non-standard solutions within the shortest possible time. Our task is to optimize the equipment for the individual needs of the customer, to make its further use as convenient and productive as possible.  

At our metal manufacture we use chemical resistant stainless steel. It can be treated with “aggressive” disinfectant solutions used in mortuary. The equipment is designed to meet the needs of specialists in the pathology departments. It provides the convenience of the workflow and increases its efficiency.

Grossing stations, autopsy tables and other equipment of the Russian brand Tanartis are produced in St. Petersburg. Today, Tanartis products are actively used in the pathoanatomical departments throughout Russia.


A special place at the congress was taken by the conversation about innovations in the field of forensic examination. The participants listened to a report on modern technology research material evidence. Specialist of BioVitrum Dmitry Timofeev raised another important topic for the development of the forensic examination. He made a presentation on the theme of Telepathology. Telepathology is the use of Telemedicine technologies in the process of conducting life-long autopsy studies in order to establish or confirm a pathological anatomical diagnosis. Telepathology involves working with digital cases. For each sample under study, an electronic direction is formed, and then digital macro description and macro photography are carried out. All data is entered into the laboratory information system, after which digital microdescription and scanning of microscopic preparations are performed. Telepathology allows you to create electronic archives and analyze data on each case remotely, online.

In his report, the BioVitrum specialist also spoke about the modern solutions of BioVitrum in the field of telepathology, which greatly simplify the work of pathologists. The portal Histoscan.com is a cloud storage of histological scanned images. With the help of the portal, specialists can remotely analyze medical cases, compare diagnoses and store educational materials. With the portal you can realize multidisciplinary diagnostics and improve the accuracy of diagnosis.

Congress participants were able to assess the capabilities of modern telepathology. ePath macro imaging system with audio, video recording and photo documentation  was presented at the  BioVitrum booth. ePath is the solution for macro-accuracy, includes photo and video documentation, intuitive and accurate morphometry, the ability to make a description for each case, including remotely.